I’m blogging again…

You read that right, fam! I’m back in the blogosphere.

After a significant hiatus, I’ve made my way back – and this time, on a namesake website.

From Fearlessly Feminine, to A Soul at Work, to Twenty Five & Catholic… if you’ve been following along all these years, thank you! I’m deeply grateful for the many people who’ve encouraged my ever-changing writing endeavors, and I continue to hope that these little website projects eventually become something much larger (and perhaps, one day, printed on paper)!

If you follow me on social media, you’re likely aware that I am now the executive director of Illinois Right to Life. For some time, I wasn’t sure what this meant for my individual voice – particularly as it pertains to writing for the web. A few impassioned posts of my creation on our Illinois Right to Life blog (specifically, this one and this one), however, have convinced me that my personal voice has a role to play in this fight. So, here I am!

Obviously, a lot’s gone down in Illinois over the past six months. Madigan and his gang of cowards down in Springfield executed a manipulation of historic proportions back in May, when they added the overwhelmingly unpopular Reproductive Healthcare Act (RHA) to unrelated mental health bill SB25 and passed it through the House on the Sunday over Memorial Day Weekend. Pro-lifers came out in droves to fight this bill (4,000+ in attendance at a protest on March 20 and 15,000+ filed witness slips with the House Human Services committee to voice their opposition to the bill) but legislators sided with the national abortion effort. It’s a pivotal moment in our state history and now, more than ever, we need to speak out.

Illinois Right to Life and Illinois Right to Life Action communicate directly with the pro-life people of our state on important updates and action items (witness slips, anyone?) and do an incredible job of relaying that information. That said, I want the opportunity to speak directly (and regularly) to those who follow us and the work that we do.

And of course, as always, I want the opportunity to talk about other things – like, uh, the Democratic presidential primaries (tiger don’t change his stripes, folks).

I anticipate that this blog will take a different tone that much of my writing has in the past , especially given my personal involvement in the issues directly affecting Illinois.

I hope that you’ll follow along and continue reading what I write – as so many of you have for years! As we observe the strange (and often scary) twists and turns our nation continues to take, it’s clear that there’s plenty to say. Social media is a powerful tool that lets us relay truth with the simple click of a button. That said, I encourage you to engage with what I post here by commenting, sharing, liking, etc.

If you haven’t yet, you can also keep up with my posts by subscribing via email, liking my Facebook page, or following me on Instagram (where I’m most active).

Thanks for your friendship and support! Let’s make waves.


Author: Mary Kate

"If I ever do get to be a fine writer, it will not be because I am a fine writer but because God gave me credit for a few of the things He kindly wrote for me." - Flannery O'Connor

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