A Catholic Conversation about Racism in the U.S.

If you follow me in any capacity – whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – you might have noticed that I’ve been posting about a new project called The Chicago Inquisition, which is a weekly livestream that myself and five friends started to discuss relevant issues within a Catholic context in the midst of quarantine. Last night, we recorded our most important episode yet: ‘George Floyd, Race Relations, and the Catholic Perspective’.

The current state of our country is one of profound conflict and deep upset. It becomes increasingly clearer to me as these conversations unfold that Catholics in this nation are called to engage on these topics at a deeper level. It is for this reason that I am immensely grateful to have had our friends, Louis Brown and John Washington, join us in this critical episode.

If you’ve been looking for substantive, honest, Catholic conversation regarding race and racism in this country, this is it. Period.

‘George Floyd, Race Relations, and the Catholic Perspective’ can be streamed on Youtube by clicking here.

You can also listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play.