Sick of being a lazy bum? Easy! Get a dog!

I am, by nature, a lazy person.

If it were socially acceptable, I would absolutely, no questions asked choose to lay in bed binge-watching Pretty Little Liars and eating Domino’s buffalo chicken pizza all day long, every single day.

But unfortunately for me, I have to be a functional human being with a job in order to pay bills and maintain my current lifestyle, so it’s not often I get to veg out and live like a total degenerate.

Part of my daily routine (being the responsible adult that I am) consists of taking Howie on a run/long, brisk walk (pending my mood/energy level) every day when I get home from work. I do this partly because exercise is good for me, but mostly because if I don’t, Howie is an unmanageable ball of energy for the remainder of the evening.

But today the weather was cold and rainy, I was exhausted, and I really had my heart set on a lazy night at home under blankets watching Netflix. I decided as I was leaving work that I was not going to exercise today – instead, I was going to immediately change into a sweatshirt and sweatpants and do absolutely nothing until it was time to go to sleep.
My counterpart, however, did not agree.

Howie cried for an hour straight. I had taken him out to use the bathroom, but that clearly was not enough; he whined and barked at me from 6 until 7, when I finally caved, rolled out of bed, put on my running shoes, and slouched out the door, with Howie prancing happily, tail wagging, alongside me.

Ten minutes into our run, I was admittedly feeling a little bit grateful for my restless puppy. That is, until we walked back into the apartment and Howie, now covered head-to-toe in water and mud, glanced up at me, then shook his entire body from nose to tail-tip (think Beethoven, circa 1992).

My white floor, white doors, white trim, and white walls were now completely mud-spattered from ceiling to floor. Deep breaths, Mary Kate, deep breaths.

Needless to say, I spent the rest of my night cleaning pretty much every inch of my apartment. Howie slept on the foot of my bed fifteen feet away.

But quite honestly, as I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, and even as I’m typing this now, I really can’t help but laugh at myself. I love having a dog.

I’ve never, ever been a dog person, but roughly a year ago, I had this overwhelming urge to get one. I put massive amounts of research into my decision – although some people (cough, my parents) might say my choice was ill-advised (read: irresponsible).

But I really didn’t think I was naive. I thought my expectations were entirely realistic.


If there’s anything I know, God teaches and grows us in unexpected ways. I knew owning a dog would be a challenge; I didn’t realize having a dog would forcibly change my day-to-day life.

But the changes have been only good. Going for a run everyday after work is good. No longer being able to leave clothes strewn all over (because Howie will surely eat them) is good. Cleaning my apartment twice a week (like really cleaning, like scrubbing-the-floor-on-my-hands-and-knees cleaning) is good.

I’ve had to do a lot of growing up since graduation 11 months ago, and Howie’s been a huge part of that. Not to mention I’ve also just loved having him around – and that’s also been really, really good.

Hello Howie!

In the midst of my fast from social media, I’ve been chomping at the bit to share some exciting news with my friends and family—

I’ve adopted a puppy!

Howie is a Labrador/Weimaraner/Husky mix. He is 8 weeks old and mellow as can be chews literally everything within his reach.

For those of you who’re currently thinking I’ve left my sanity somewhere up in eastern Iowa, I promise I haven’t. I mean, really—you’d have to be insane to NOT adopt him after seeing this adorable face!

As you can probably imagine, I’ve had my hands full this past week, but I’ve got another blog post (or two) in the works and I’m hoping to post again soon!

Happy fourth of July, y’all!